When the stakes are high, we find the best solution for your business.

Whether in the courtroom, mediation chambers, or in settlement, we’ll be your advocate.The firm has obtained a series of favorable verdicts in personal injury trials and successfully prosecuted a number of cases in relation to Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and New Jersey Wage and Hour claims. Highly noted for such experience in litigation, we are often invited by different industry leaders to provide counsel on employment related issues, to train their employees, and to draft complex employment related agreements.

Investment fraud, contractual disputes between shareholders, partners, and members, corporate deadlock, preliminary and permanent injunctions, disputes involving non-monetary damages, business tort, intentional and negligent interference with business opportunities, prosecution and defense of restrictive covenants and non-competition agreements, breach of fiduciary duty, fraudulent conveyance, and piercing the corporate veil.
Prosecution and defense of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and New Jersey Wage and Hour Law, wrongful termination, retaliatory action, violation of Civil Rights Act of Title VII, breach of fiduciary duty, investigating theft of trade secrets, and drafting arbitration/confidential agreement and employee manual.
Motor vehicle accidents (automobile accidents, pedestrian accidents, tractor trailer accidents and motorcycle accidents); premises liability (slip and fall, construction accidents, dog bite, burn injuries); wrongful death; medical malpractice (labor Care, wrongful birth, wrongful diagnosis, surgery accidents)
Domestic violence prosecution/defense, permanent restraining order, pendent lite motion, alimony, child disputes, disputes on issues surrounding equitable distribution, and investigating concealed martial assets. 
Defense of copyright and trademark infringements.